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Life Insurance

Planning for the future presents many difficulties. So many uncertainties stand in the way; it often feels like an impossible task to properly plan for the future. Just thinking about retirement, or what the world will be like when you’re gone, sometimes feels overwhelming. With loved ones dependent on you, you want to protect them. You want to make them feel safe – with a home and a financially secure future. But if you die prematurely, the loss they suffer will hurt them both emotionally and financially. You will no longer be there to help them reach their goals and dreams.

If you fail to adequately plan your retirement, your family could end up relying on friends and relatives for financial support.

Suppose you die prematurely...


Without your income, could your family afford the mortgage payments on your home?

Would your children be able to continue their education?

Could your family afford childcare costs? Could they also afford the cost of food, clothing, and other basic necessities?

Could your family continue their current standard of living without your financial support?

But suppose you live beyond your working years...

You could live well past the end of your career, and diminish your retirement savings. Have you planned enough for a comfortable retirement?

Do you feel comfortable with the plans you have made so far, or could you benefit from the advice of a trusted advisor?

At The Zabbia Insurance Agency, we’re here to help...

The experienced staff at The Zabbia Agency works hard to help protect the dreams and futures of your loved ones. A sound life insurance program helps provide the necessary financial support to your loved ones. They can use it to help pay off the mortgage, arrange for funeral expenses, provide for a child’s education, or secure their standard of living. Planning ahead can help ensure that your retirement will be what you’d always imagined. The Zabbia Agency understands that everyone’s personal situation is unique and carries different levels of responsibility. We offer a variety of products and services to help meet your individual needs. Whether you require a complex plan to protect your assets from taxes, term or permanent life insurance, IRA’s, Roth IRA’s or annuities, The Zabbia Agency can help you secure your family’s future. For a free, no obligation quote or review of your plans, click below or call us at (516)-799-6900 or


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